Our Teaching, Philosophy
and Intent: 

The Early Year's Framework Stage (EYFS)

We teach children in accordance with the Early Year’s Foundation Stage and our learning and development follows a structure which is outlined below:


Baseline Assessment: Includes four paragraphs; ‘My First Week’, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Language and Communication, Physical Development and Overview.


The Under 2's: EYFS Assessment formulates the child’s Next Steps in all three prime areas of learning and development. When a child enters the Toddler Room, this is extended to all seven areas of learning development after the age of two.


The Child is then added to the setting’s ‘Intent, Implementation and Impact’ document. 


Each Key Person uploads one observation for each of their Key Children onto our Nursery management system 'Famly' each week in order to share their progress and wow moments with parents/ carers.


At the end of a planning cycle, each Key Person records personal progress (Impact) for each of their Key Children on the Intent, Implementation and Impact document and identifies new Next Steps for the next cycle. 

The Planning, Curriculum and Learning Topics


  1. The teaching curriculum reflects the EYFS and is formulated around each child’s Next Steps and personal interests.

  2. At the end of each academic term, the Deputy Manager will gather feedback from the team as to which learning topics they would like to focus their teaching on next term. Each learning topic lasts for one week; some may be applied universally across the setting, and some may be specific to rooms due to the age, stage of development and interests of the children.

  3. A minimum of three weeks is left blank each term. This will allow the team to discuss interests of the children and implement a topic that they feel is particularly relevant or revisit a previous topic that requires further focus.

  4. Each room has its own Literary Focus topic that is chosen by each room leader in collaboration with their team. Each term will have a Literary Focus week and the Literary Focus topic will also span the full length of the term.

  5. The setting will also have an Artistic Focus or Author Focus topic each term; this may be universally applied across the setting or may be specific to rooms.

  6. British Values and Cultural Capital are embedded into the setting’s teaching curriculum and will also have its own focus week each term. 

  7. The setting’s teaching curriculum should also reflect its commitment to diversity and inclusion and the cultural backgrounds and national heritage of the children and staff within the setting. There therefore should be a great focus on celebrating religious and cultural events and festivities from a broad range of faiths and beliefs.


At The Playroom London, our ethos is to prepare the children to become the future citizens of the world.


Our aim is to ensure the children leave The Playroom well mannered, inquisitive and interested and eager to learn. To have the confidence to speak up when needed and to have the social skills to make friends and integrate within their community.

We focus on our children’s autonomy and their rights, and we follow the bottom-up approach. We teach our children to be strong, independent, and creative as well as sensitive towards their peers and teach them to celebrate humanity. We focus on their strengths and allow them to take initiative, inspire them to become problem solvers and ensure that they understand the diverse world surrounding them. We hope to give them the best possible start to their future.

Childcare vouchers

Q. What are childcare vouchers?

A. Childcare Vouchers are an acceptable method of paying for childcare. They are exempt from Tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs) and therefore offer potential savings for working parents.

Q. What is tax-free childcare?

A. Tax-free childcare is a government scheme and replaced the childcare voucher scheme. Go to www.gov.uk/get-tax-free-childcare for more information about the scheme and eligibility.

Q. How long are the childcare vouchers and tax-free childcare valid for?

A. Childcare vouchers /tax-free childcare funds are used to pay for childcare for a qualifying child up to the age of 5.

We are registered with over 7 different childcare voucher companies, please ask Carla for more information.